Teachers Training

Students who aspire to teach yoga must first explore the various styles of yoga that are on offer. Our yoga teachers training course is based on the Satyananda Yoga method and the teachings of Paramahamsa Satyananda.


The satyananda style is suited to those who are interested in yoga as a holistic science. The course offers a systematic structure that will enable the teachers who graduate to teach yoga to absolute beginners with no prior experience and gradually introduce a complete system of yoga that includes all of the major disciplines.


This yoga teachers training includes a study of the APMB a text book that offers more than 350 variations of asana, pranayama, mudra and bandha.  The text also includes the cleansing techniques of shatkarma and each section has excellent introductions to the practice of yoga. Teachers trained by us are confident and capable of constructing thousands of different class programs to suit any student. They will also be able to host workshops and offer clear concise explanations to most questions that students may ask.


Swami Yogasagar actively supports his trained teachers by offering them opportunities to teach and gain valuable practice at preparing and teaching a yoga class. All graduates are encouraged to begin teaching yoga in their own capacity and Swami Yogasagar will assist them by attending workshops and retreats that they host and guiding them so that each teacher can develop their own self confidence and experience.


Our yoga teachers training course is definitely aimed at training teachers who can offer yoga classes to any student regardless of their experience or misconceptions.

There are those who feel they could never practice yoga because they have an image of strong difficult postures and a misconception that you have to be flexible. Others may have attended yoga classes at one of the other schools where the emphasis is on strong asana and intense practice. They may have injured themselves or perhaps gained an understanding that a more balanced approach is required. A few will have religious conflicts and various other attitudes that prevent them from exploring the benefits of yoga.


The course fee R16,000 is subject to a contractual agreement. It is all inclusive of yoga classes for one year, the online theory and philosophy studies, manuals, text books and the intensive training workshops that we host at the school.

Payment: we have two options for payment which we have outlined below.

  1. Installments: you must pay an initial deposit of R5000 which entitles you to begin the course and gain access to the online training. The remaining course fees of R11,ooo can be paid by an agreed amount each month. You sign a contract and agreement for us to deduct the monthly fee from your bank account via our internet accounting system www.netcash.co.za
  2. Advanced: if you pay the full fee up front we offer a discount fee of R 15000

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