Exhausting Karma

Exhausting Karma

Exhausting Karma

The human personality that we identify with as our self or my self has two aspects. One is the conditioned self that belongs to the complex energy of the mind. The mind always had traces of past and previous programming that transferred genetically through conception. These genetic traits are inherent in the seeds of karma that are in a process of transition. The foetus develops and awareness gradually perceives the inner experience of the womb. We live in a dream state forming attachments and bonding with our mother and the world around us long before we are born. Even after birth during our first months we are mostly drifting in and out of our dream state of consciousness. The seeds of karma gradually find opportunity to develop through the interaction we have with our families and later our friends, ideas and social political views that we encounter. We have inherited beliefs and traits of behaviour from our parents and the life we have lived. More importantly the seeds of karma that came across genetically have grown in the fertility of our inherited beliefs and traits. This self is the personality that is conditioned by intellectual knowledge acquired from books and deeply influenced by our beliefs and the impressions we have embedded into the mind after interaction with the influential realities of the tangible world. This self is the ego personality and it can be modified by restructuring the way we think. We can not change the karma of the past which means that we will have to confront and experience the karma. We can however choose to react to our karma with a different attitude and this will change the karma of the future. Even better if you practice yoga as a complete sadhana i.e. asana, pranayama and mantra with a concentrated awareness of mindfulness it is possible to detach from any reaction. This is the state of awareness yogis call the witness or (drishta). The witness remains detached from the emotional influence of karma and gradually the seeds of karma die. Karma is dependant on the involvement of the mind and emotions to remain fertile.

The inner self is quite different and independent from the ego self. The inner self is common to all of us and has the same essential traits in each and every other individual. The desire to be loved and to love is common to all humanity. We all have a longing to be liberated from the confinement and limitations of the mind. The inner self has knowledge that is acquired through awareness and mindfulness. It knows the difference between the polarities of duality and can remain detached from the influence of the mind. The problem we all experience is that we identify with the mind of ego personality and get caught in the complicated web of inner conflict. We are so close to the inner self yet it alludes us because we are entangled in the weave of karma.

There is a way out of this entanglement and there are methods that have been proven to work if you are willing to apply them. Silence is your most powerful companion. Silence conquers anger, jealousy and all other emotions. Integrity is an absolute truth. Never compromise your conscience and remain truthfully honest with yourself. Never take advantage for personal profit or take a shortcut thinking it will give you an advantage. Integrity is something you have to learn through impeccable behaviour. Seva is work with an attitude of serving. When you identify with your self as a servant and perform your actions with awareness as an offering to serve that is called karma yoga. Krishna suggested that karma can be avoided if you perform your actions without expectation for any personal reward. he further advised to offer your work as a devotion.

Finally a sadhana of yoga, asana, pranayama and mantra is the brick and cement that holds your spiritual efforts secure. Yoga sadhana improves clarity of the mind and strengthens your will to adhere to the disciplines of silence, integrity and seva.


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Purpose of Life

Purpose of Life

From the very beginning you have always been knowing (yet you are afraid to trust in yourself) so why can’t you believe that its true. All your dreams and desires (samskaras) all your struggles (karma) for expression they are all of what’s inside of you. Don’t be afraid to take chances dedicate yourself to changes you are what you are wanting to be

Why live your life always dreaming and never believing that you were born to make dreams come true.

Yes you are a beautiful source of the divine love that is living in you

Can you remember the child that was lost in confusion (inner conflicts). No-one would listen until you came of age. Then when you gained your freedom to do so as you like, the child in you had changed. Under social conditions (the mind is conditions by parents and society) and religious superstition you no longer had faith

But if you could be still for one moment and look deep in your heart then you will know that what I say is true.

You are a beautiful source of the divine love that is living in you

So stand up for yourself be true to your life you will be special you will be happy you will be you. All of life will love you and your life will be full of purpose and meaning for you to do. For the gift of expression is to fulfill your own life and living your life to the full

You are a beautiful source of the divine love that is living in you.

To surrender your will with some vague aspirations that you’re God will have pity on you. Is only helpless frustration with the world all around you are you avoiding all that you are wanting to do. You will argue and defend, you will resist all that is freedom, it is your fear that won’t allow you to be free.

Is your life to be wasted, will you die unfulfilled.

For if one soul can be free then why not you and me

You are a beautiful source of the divine love that is living in you.

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