Private Yoga

Private classes are booked by appointment only. Private clients may request an appointment for personal training or to resolve health issues. Swami Yogasagar has integrated his expertise of yoga with a variety of techniques that include physiotherapy, Jin Shin Do, Shiatzu and Polarity Therapy

Fee: each private class is limited to 1 person and their spouse. R500 per class (90 min).

Yoga for Beginners

All new students especially beginners should attend the Tuesday and Thursday evening class at 6 pm. These classes are dedicated to mindfulness with preperation of the joints and body for safe and correct yoga practice. Emphasis on slow gentle stretching with awareness of the breath. read more

Sadhana Class

A sadhana class is intended for students with prior experience. These classes include asana, pranayama, kriya yoga and various forms of meditation. The asana are not necessarily advanced but the ability to sit for 30 min is definitely a requirement that you will develop in the class. Sitting on the floor without discomfort is the preferred asana for pranayama and dharana (meditation).


Free Class

All new students can attend a free class to meet with the teachers and ask all relevant questions they may have regarding the school and any personal needs or aspirations.

Important: on your first visit we suggest you attend a Wednesday evening class to meet with Swami Yogasagar. He will be able to advise you on your future interests in yoga. You can however attend any evening yoga class for your first free class

Public Classes:

These classes are open to anyone however we do advise you that the sadhana classes are intended for students with prior experience. After attending your first free yoga class all new students without prior experience will be advised to attend the ITY classes for beginners.

Mindfulness: these are for beginners and students who prefer a gentle class. Wednesday Evening 6 pm

Sadhana Class: generally suited for students who have prior experience. Monday 6 pm

Private Classes:

These are individual personalized classes that are booked by prior arrangement. Please visit our booking calendar to review availability and make bookings. Private appointments are not available as your free class.


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