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Satyam Yoga Scool is now leasing studio space from the EQuilibrium Wellness Center which is located close to the zoo lake in Johannesburg. The property offers safe and secure off street parking. The exquisite peaceful gardens provide a refuge for our clients and visitors. A waterfall gently descends into a koi pond that forms the empirical center to the luxurious comfort of the natural silence and covered meditation areas. The main building has been beautifully restored and decorated to provide the perfect environment for yoga and spa.

EQ CenterEQ Centre: is owned by Salochanee Reedy and has a team of skilled professionals who offer individuals and groups a holistic approach to personal health. Salochanee Reedy is a Professional Life Coach who has studied at the Dr Deepak Chopra University in California. She is certified as an Ayurvedic Lifestyle Teacher and Ayurvedic Body Therapist. She is also a certified NLP Coach.

guru 2Satyam: was founded by Swami Yogasagar who trains and teaches the complete integrated system of yoga to individuals and groups. Swami is currently teaching his private clients and classes in the yoga room at the EQ center. We provide a fully integrated yoga as a remedial therapy for physical, emotional and spiritual wellness.

Private Yoga

Private classes are booked by appointment and the fee includes 1 person and their spouse. Private clients may request an appointment for personal training or to resolve health issues. Swami Yogasagar has integrated his expertise of yoga with a variety of techniques that include physiotherapy, Jin Shin Do, Shiatzu and Polarity Therapy

Yoga for Beginners

We advise all new students especially beginners to attend the Wednesday evening class at 6 pm. This class is dedicated to mindfulness and preparation of the body for safe and correct yoga practice. Movements are slow and poses are held with an awareness of the breath and relaxation of the effort. more

Sadhana Class

A sadhana class is intended for students with prior experience. These classes include asana, pranayama, kriya yoga and various forms of meditation. The asana are not necessarily advanced but the ability to sit for 30 min is definitely a requirement that you will develop in the class. The ITY course will prepare you but private classes can be arranged to learn the pranayama and kriya techniques.

Private Clients

R600Fee: is for a 90 min class with Swami for one student

Casual Single Class

R150Cash Fee: for one student attending a single class

Monthly Tantra Kriya Class

R500Fee: is for unlimted access to Tuesday evening class


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