Satyam Facts

Sat (absolute truth) Yam (heart seed mantra)

Satyam:guru 2 the school was founded by Swami Yogasagar and provides training in all the disciplines of yoga based on the teachings of Swami Satyananda and the Bihar School of Yoga 

Swami Yogasagar teaches a unique method of yoga to individuals and private groups. He is the master of adapting each yoga pose and all the techniques of yoga to suit the individual. He teaches private classes by appointment. A private class is often a single one on one class however  private classes can be designed to include family members or booked for a a small group limited to 4 people.

“I do not expect the student to conform to the classical pose which is often very difficult. I encourage the student to feel and listen with awareness so that anyone can practice yoga regardless of their age or flexibility”

  • Studio: classes are hosted in a beautiful garden studio (The Wilds) located at 48 Oaklands Road in Oaklands Johannesburg.
  • Home: there are limited opportunities in the booking calendar for home visits. Swami Yogasagar will consider teaching dedicated students in a private home and at other yoga studios if there is a genuine and solid commitment.


Swami Yogasagar no longer offers open public classes. He is available by appointment for Individual Private Classes and Corporate Events. He also offers workshops.

Private Yoga

Private Yoga classes are booked by appointment only. Private clients may request an appointment for personal training, spiritual guidance or to resolve health issues. Swami Yogasagar has integrated a variety of techniques that include physiotherapy, Jin Shin Do, Shiatzu and Polarity Therapy

Authentic Yoga

The mind is always changing. Awareness is the only constant reality. I can transform the chemistry of the body and mind with asana pranayama and yoga nidra to empower you with awareness of your own mental clarity and tranquility. This is the true power of yoga.

Private Groups

A private group class is limited to 4 students. The content and intention of these classes will be of interest to those students who appreciate the subtle concentrated awareness of mindfulness. Asana, pranayama, kriya yoga and various forms of meditation will be taught.

Private Clients

R650Fee: is for a 90 min class with Swami for one student

Private Group Class

R650One Student R650. Two students R400 each. Three or more students are R300 each


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