Satyam Yoga School Rosebank


Satyam Yoga School Rosebank

The satyam yoga school rosebank is located in a quiet garden with off street parking in Melrose Johannesburg. Swami Yogasagar who founded the school in 1998 has created his own unique style of teaching yoga. His first mentor and influence in yoga was his guru Swami Satyananda and the intense ashram training (12 years) he embraced in India. The style of yoga is known as the Satyananda Yoga method. Since then he has explored and studied many other body techniques such as physiotherapy, osteopathy, Jin Shin Do, Shiatsu and various massage techniques. All of which are fully integrated into his refined awareness of the body. He has traveled extensively and studied with many highly evolved yoga masters all of whom have shared their own interpretations and wisdom of yoga. Eventually after more than 40 years of personal practice and 30 years of teaching Swami Yogasagar has developed his own fully integrated style of teaching that makes it possible for even the most reluctant student to enjoy yoga and attend classes suited to their own level of flexibility and experience.


“You do not have to be flexible to practice yoga. Rather it is yoga that you need to be flexible in your mind and body.

Mindfulness and a refined awareness with improved concentration and attentiveness is the true goal of yoga. I will reveal to you how to improve mobility of the joints which will in turn enable you to develop control over the muscles and movements of your body. The yoga experience is an inner experience of self empowerment”


Swami Yogasagar