Private Yoga

All private yoga classes are holistic treatments.  Yoga asana are facilitated with a range of bodywork techniques to enhance the relaxation. Physiotherapy, osteopathy, shiatsu, cranial sacral and jin shin do touch therapy are all part of the treatment. Read more…

Yoga for Beginners

Your first experience of yoga should inspire you to continue with classes. It is essential that the teacher can adapt the class to suit you as a student so that you can enjoy the experience and feel confident of continuing with your yoga classes. Read more…

Satyam Calendar: this calendar is linked to our Google business calendar. You can view our booked times and availability for booking a private class. You cannot edit the calendar or add a booking.

Bookings: send an email and request your preferred time with perhaps an alternative time. If necessary we can call you to discuss alternatives if there is no suitable time in the calendar available.



Join a Class

Free Class: attend any evening class 18:00 free for advice and assesment.

Swami Yogasagar is outstanding. When he intervenes with a small adjustment it is so precise that you wonder if he is actually inside your body and can feel exactly what you are feeling. Amazing!